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Lead5 works with several companies in a multitude of industries to supply them with the services they call for. We tailor our solutions to each business and the consumers they target. No matter what types of marketing services your company wants, you can bet Lead5 can help.

Lead5 Media™ is a leading performance marketing company serving the education community. We make it our business to understand and improve the way educational institutions communicate to prospective students. We connect thousands of people every day with education or career solutions with the goal of making their career and financial aspirations a reality.
Fitness programs, dietary solutions, and weight loss regiments, oh my… Lead5 has experience finding the right consumers for each of these categories having worked with some of the biggest names in the health and fitness industry. We serve as the matchmaker between consumers and clients who want results that will last through the long haul. Lead5 works out a plan shaped around your big picture goals.
Commercial media today is peppered with auto insurance companies which can make it overwhelming for consumers to choose the right products. That's where we come in. With our targeting capabilities and tireless focus, we can match consumers with the service that fits their budgets and needs best. Our team doesn't operate on cruise control; we rev up our performance in directing people on the right path from point A to B.
From home improvement, to refinance, to solar paneling, to home security, Lead 5 delivers customers to each of these segments on a performance basis. It's our job to learn what the consumers need, educate them about the services available, and get them to the point of making a decision. We serve as your tool man in getting you the customers that want your business in getting their home improvement projects done. Whereas Rome wasn't built in a day, Lead5 can build lasting customer relationships within minutes.
Rising healthcare costs, insurance premiums, deductibles, outside-of-network doctors – and these are the easier things to understand. With all the permutations of plans, it's no mystery why customers look for help in finding a plan that works for them. Lead5 alleviates the headache in finding healthcare insurance solutions. We work on building quality of life by pairing clients with customers – thus saving money and time.