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Lead5 agents are standing by and ready to go. We use our proprietary dialing technology and top-notch management team to train our agents to engage customers in informed conversations and present them with relevant information that allow for easy decision-making.

Interested in finding out more about our call services? Give us a call and we will create a customized call solution for you.

We turn potential buyers into actual consumers. Using our data decision engine and our analytics processes, we can hone our process to deliver the highest quality leads to you at consistent volumes.



We believe our agents are the best because we recruit people who feel that the caller is more than just a sale. Appreciated customers are happy ones and we make it a point for agents to treat them with respect and let them know that their concerns matter to us. We don't let customers leave us without feeling better and happier.



As a leader in delivering LIVE transfers, we tailor our programs to get the customers "warmed" up and ready for trained sales professionals to close. Using our propriety technology and our dedicated staff our call programs are designed to deliver high value customers to our clients at the most opportune times – the point of sale.



We confirm that the information we receive is accurate and authentic. All calls are made to individuals who tell us they're interested and want to hear more. We provide them with the information to answer any questions they may have. With our experience in telemarketing and data verification, companies can easily achieve their highest potential.



With this feature, we're able to eliminate the need to pass on the message to you about an appointment or cancellation. The real–time appointment setting lets you make an appointment instantaneously with us without the need for an appointment book. We can customize our process to fit your needs.



No two customers are alike in wants or needs and we assess those differences using customer surveys. This feedback gives you the upper hand in doing business with your consumers as well as for using in training exercises for new and existing agents to stay keen on technique.